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Early correction and treatment of teeth problems is advisable for kids. Parents should not delay any visits to the family dentist.

Majority of children are afflicted with crowded teeth and jaws that do not grow properly. These problems normally take place once the child reaches the age of five years. Contemporary dental research findings revealed that crowded teeth, incorrect jaw development and other orthodontic dilemmas are not caused by large teeth and small jaws. Genetics may not even be the culprit. The true causes are breathing in your mouth, tongue shoving, swallowing in the opposite direction, and thumb-sucking. Medical conditions also lead to improper development of the jaws. Some of these disorders are allergic reactions, asthma and open mouth position.

The key is to correct said habits immediately. Otherwise, your facial appearance and teeth positioning will certainly be affected. Any form of orthodontic treatment with or without the braces may lead to degeneration. In fact, the rate of reversion is quite high. This is intolerable. Tooth extraction is not pleasant and can provide a lot of discomfort. It does not improve treatment results. It simply compounds the problem. Braces do not even solve the issue of crooked teeth.

Correct the poor habits. That is the issue at hand.

Complete Orthodontics and Family Dental Care will guide you along the way.

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