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What makes MYOBRACE the perfect technique in adjusting misaligned teeth? This is popularly known as the "No-Braces" method of straightening warped teeth and restoring undersized jaws.

The system is distinct from other forms of orthodontic treatment because it deals with teeth and jaws. This is ideal for youngster ages six to ten but can be suitable for older persons.

However, habits are more difficult to correct among adults.

MYOBRACE features the soft and flexible outer portion as well as the hard internal core.

Said approach is anchored on more than two decades of experience in rectifying orthodontic issues without any need for dental braces. MYOBRACE appliances comprising this system have proven dual function of reforming oral habits that generate inferior dental development. It also enables light forces to align with the teeth to natural position.

These tools are meant to be used in-sequence. It will train the tongue to be arranged appropriately in the upper jaw. The no-braces method retrains the oral musculature and exerts light forces to arrange the teeth in a straight line.

The treatment makes use of MYO-functional orthodontic procedures to address poor oral habits which are the basic causes of twisted teeth and employs light, irregular forces to support your teeth.

Consistent use of brace mixed with regular activities will guarantee straight teeth and better functions along with optimal facial development and sparkling smile. These include improved breathing, muscle functions and tongue position. It is performed by using a series of removable dental appliances that you will wear for one to two hours daily and while sleeping at night.

BRACES or NO BRACES...That is the Question!

For more information about the MYOBRACE system please, visit www.myobrace.com

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